Healthcare facilities pose a myriad of security and life safety concerns from patient monitoring to valuable equipment and medicinal/pharmaceutical loss prevention 24/7. Risk and liability factors not only call for constant monitoring of most activities, never before has recorded video documentation meant so much. 

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Financial institutions rely on us to monitor and respond to incidents as they happen. A recent dispatch to a robbery in progress at a client’s bank resulted in an apprehension thanks to the quick response of our Central Station operators.

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Advanced Alarm Systems helps property managers and building owners monitor and secure their properties. This unique market utilizes many of our services such as Remote Access Control for System Administration, Elevator Monitoring, Fire Monitoring, Intrusion Detection Monitoring, Critical Process Monitoring, After-Hours Building Emergency Call Center and much more.

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Our educational institutions are the future of our society and a place where we entrust the safety of our innocent youth yet they are too often the scene of compromise and loss. We have systems that can help reduce risk but also communicate the danger to others.

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The recovery of the manufacturing industry brings with it new challenges for management. Continuous processes, automation and lean practices reduce manpower and drive costs and the need for best-in-class access control, vital process monitoring and process controls that leverage security technologies to their maximum potential.

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We are consistently tasked to meet the changing security needs of local and regional government facilities through its knowledge and experience leveraging reliable cutting-edge technologies for cost effective solutions. Cut backs are straining resources as agencies struggles to protect public assets. The latest HSPD-12 and FIPS requirements have motivated our clients to call on us time and again to help them meet the stringent demands of Homeland Security Standards.

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Advanced Alarm Systems announces the launch of their AES Intellinet Radio Network

Our new Advanced\AES IntelliNet communications system is a wireless mesh long-range radio system that is self-healing and self-routing. The technology is capable of re-routing alarm signals through multiple paths to insure that all signals are reliably communicated to the Central Station.

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