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Corporate Statements

Building and campus security services today are more than just a fire sensor and security system.  To protect your students, employees and assets Advanced Alarm Systems offers a completely integrated network designed for one building or a campus.

From educational and office campuses to a single building or suite within an office Advanced Alarm Systems can design and implement the best system for your budget.


“Advanced Alarm Systems is a Security Integration Company that is dedicated to solving our clients’ problems by providing state of the art, reliable and cost-efficient systems that are designed to work together, prevent loss and save lives.”


“To be the region’s industry leader in performance and client satisfaction. To continually establish new and improved company standards, while providing a productive work environment that encourage our employees to be innovative and to excel.”


“Advanced Alarm Systems recognizes that success must be earned through hard work, responsiveness to our client and employee needs, and integrity in all business practices. We are dedicated to a continuing process of honest introspection regarding our company policies and procedures in order to maintain the professional level of service for which the company has become known, and our clients expect.”

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